Thanks for taking an interest in SAM! Before you can continue, there’s just a few guidelines for using SAM/imsamsquire brand resources as it is now a Registered Trademark - please take a min to familiarise yourself with them. You can download logos here

Logo Guidelines

Please use the SAM logo in the following ways on light and dark backgrounds.

Sam Squire Logo

Don’t be a wally, using the dark logo on the dark background or using coloured backgrounds definitely won't work here...

Typography & Stylisation

Since the Registered Trademark took place, new typography and stylisation has been implemented. If you’re writing bits n’ bobs around the SAM logo, please stick to the following…

Header: Proxima Nova Regular in Uppercase 34PX.

Subheading: Proxima Nova Regular in Uppercase 22px.

Body Text: Proxima Nova Regular 16px


It might look funny but that’s just how it is…please always ensure all letters are in uppercase.  

When referring to please either use the following phraseology styles

‘UK male blogger SAM’ or ‘UK male blogger Sam Squire’ or ‘UK male blogger imsamsquire

(King, Lord and the Mighty One may also be used…just drop an email to confirm if you get stuck!)

Colour schemes

Blacks, Greys and Whites…that’s what makes SAM, you’ll find all of the brand colours below, simply copy and paste the HEX code! 

#000000 #FFFFFF #8A8A8A #4F545A #B8B8B8

The legal bits

Please remember, the SAM logo, brand and name are all intellectual property of Sam Squire and using them incorrectly or in a way that can be seen to be detrimental to the brand sucks. All of these, plus all content produced by Sam Squire on this site and others are the Intellectual Property of Sam Squire, please use all assets correctly. 

Please don’t
1. Display graphics and logos in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship agreement by SAM relating to your product, service, or business if a formal deal is not in place.

2. Use logos or graphics as part of your own product, brand, or service’s.

3. Alter logos or graphics in any way that has not been confirmed as acceptable above, or combine them with any other logos or graphics, without written consent from SAM.

If you need help or have any questions click here.